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February 13, 2020-

Fun Frame Photo was established three years ago, in November of 2016 and has quickly blossomed into one of San Francisco Bay Area’s top Photo Booth providers today.  Here’s the story of how it all went down:


As a naturally creative and artistic type of person, I was feeling trapped in a career as a paralegal and had been grinding away as a musician for many years, searching for a way to dedicate my life to bring joy and happiness to others while providing for my wife and daughter. 

When my brother started a photo booth business in Washington D.C., I scoffed at first. My brother showed me the ins and outs of the business. I quickly realized I had the perfect skill set for this type of business and it suited my long-standing interest in photography. I was hooked!

Borrowing just a little bit of money from a friend to get some supplies and using the camera my wife, Laelia, had bought me for my birthday a couple years prior, triggered by an old laptop, I assembled the first iteration of my photo booth setup.  I booked my first event for a friend’s birthday party in November 2016.  It was a hit! 

Within two months the bookings were rolling in.   I had honed my setup to be able to keep costs down and pricing reasonable while maintaining uncompromising quality. By the third month, I had purchased my second photo booth setup to meet the growing demand. From there, it has steadily progressed into a business that and my family and I are all am proud of.  

In August of last year, Fun Frame had developed beyond what one man could administer on my own. It was time to take a leap. Keeping in line with the values of Fun Frame Photo, my wife and I now work together, side by side - through laughter and love - to provide our clients with the most responsive and personal customer care we can muster, striving to ensure an awesome photo booth experience from start to finish through the year 2020 and beyond!




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